Collection: Cool touch UV arm cover

``It would be nice to have a comfortable summer and UV protection in a stylish way.'' This arm cover was designed with that in mind.

The surface of the nylon fiber is coated with a component that has high thermal conductivity to achieve cooling, allowing you to stay cool even in the hot summer.

Our cooling material uses xylitol and peppermint, and is a cooling material that utilizes the "endothermic reaction" that occurs when moisture such as sweat and sugar alcohols such as xylitol on the fabric combine.

When the fabric dries, it absorbs new moisture, causing an endothermic reaction again.

It is safe because it uses sugar alcohols such as the natural sweetener xylitol, which are obtained from natural substances widely distributed in nature.

In addition, peppermint not only has a cooling sensation, but can also be expected to have various effects such as insect repellent, deodorizing, and antibacterial effects.

We measure the UV protection rate and antibacterial rate of each item to confirm safety.

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