About Monami

Monami started in 2006 as a store specializing in UV arm covers.

We now offer a wide range of UV items such as scarves, stoles, and neck covers, as well as fall/winter gloves.

We will continue to create UV items that are unique to Monami, incorporating natural designs that cannot be imitated by other companies.

  • natural design

    We put a lot of effort into product planning and development, and strive to create natural designs from the customer's perspective.

  • Special order/custom production available

    In addition to custom production based on ready-made products, we also accept custom production (OEM) of original designs upon request.


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natural design

Arm covers are often used simply as ``sun protection'', and it is often said that there are few ready-made products with good designs .

So, I started Monami with the desire to help people protect themselves from sunburn in a more fashionable and comfortable way .

I would be happy if I could help you create a space where you can enjoy choosing an arm cover just like the clothes you wear.

Experience the joy of walking outside with unprecedented UV protection.

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Special order/custom production available

Our company was originally a company that wholesaled and sold our own original products.

In recent years, arm covers have become popular as a versatile item, such as fashion items and protective covers after treatment, and in response to requests from companies who want to differentiate themselves, we have begun offering bespoke and custom-made products.

We also have our own dedicated factory in China, so we are able to produce in large quantities with cost benefits.

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