365 days wool

Design by japan.

This UV arm cover is made of 75% recycled fiber (Tencel) and is made of wool that will keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

We want to incorporate eco-friendly items within our reach.

With this in mind, we adopted recycled fiber (Tencel).

Scheduled to be released in March 2023

Why wool is comfortable even in summer

It has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties that reduce stickiness, and keeps your skin dry even when you sweat.

Because of its high functionality, wool is said to be a "natural air conditioner."

It can also be used as a moisturizing and warming item during the chilly season.

Meltingly soft material

Tencel is about three times more absorbent than cotton and has a gentle texture that is unique to plant-based fibers.

It has characteristics such as long-lasting softness.

By incorporating Tencel, which has an extremely smooth fiber surface, it eliminates the disadvantage of wool, which tends to have a scratchy surface.

Tencel is the perfect partner for wool.

Scheduled to be released in March 2023